Naples just a few kilometers away from the Villa Le Tore is , a city of unrivaled tradition, history and beauty.

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Just a few kilometers away from the Villa le Tore is one of the capitals of Southern Italy, a city of unrivaled tradition, history and beauty. Under the shadow of the Vesuvius, Naples extends from the Art Nouveau buildings in Vomero to the beautiful view from Villa Floridiana, to the captivating walls of the Sant’Elmo castle.

Castel Sant'Elmo

A stroll in Piazza del Plebiscito will lead you to museums, palazzos and the magnificent Canova statues while, facing the three domes of the beautiful San Francesco di Paola basilica rise in front of the Palazzo Reale. Walk down Via Toledo for some shopping in the Campania capital city, a walking street full of shops and banks; if you'd like to relax and sip coffee, don't forget to stop at the Galleria Umberto I. Naples is a lively, chaotic but generous city: ‘Spaccanapoli’ is the main artery that divides it in two and conceals the most captivating corners, from Santa Chiara to San Domenico Maggiore, from the Monte Pietà chapel to the sumptuous Filomarino and Marigliano palaces; here you'll find the real Neapolitan tradition in the crafts shops, pastry shops, antique stores and lively night life. Don't miss it!

The gulf of Naples contains the three gems that made it famous: the volcanic Ischia, with its spa waters, temperate climate and warm people; the coastal rocks and crystal clear water surrounding the nearby Procida, immortalized by film producers, poets and authors; lastly, the Blue Grotto, the favorite destination of those navigating around Capri, captivated by its "faraglioni" and Punta Carena, the Anacapri plain, Mediterranean vegetation and extraordinary landscapes that rise over the 500 meters of Monte Solaro.

Ferries and hydrofoils timetables Sorrento Capri



Ferries and hydrofoils timetables Capri Sorrento




The Pompeii excavations are the only way to admire the most astonishing remains of Roman civilization; buried with Herculaneum by the fury of the Vesuvius volcano, Pompeii is an enchanting site, a sliver of a remote past left intact and still visible even after 2000 years! Indescribable!

Naples just a few kilometers away from the Villa Le Tore is , a city of unrivaled tradition, history and beauty.

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